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6th Sense 

A Sensorial Exploration Workshop with L. N. Tallur 

L.N. Tallur is an Indian born International visual artist. He divides his time between India and South Korea. He was the winner of the 2012 Skoda prize for Indian contemporary Art.


This workshop is curated to trigger our 6th Sense. When one of the senses is deliberately blocked, our brain rewires itself to get external stimuli from other senses. If the sense of Vision is blocked, the senses of Sound, Taste, smell, and Touch get hypersensitive. Learning through the confusion and a radical change of a ‘regular’ context marks the difference between learning in the dark, and “normal" training. So darkness can function like a perfect catalyst. That is where Creativity gets activated. Come, Experience it.


Requires Prior Registration

Number of days- 1 ½ days

Slots for the workshop- 10th & 11th January 

13th January a common session of discussion and presentation by L N Tallur

Total Seats available: 25

For enrolment Outside Nitte DU: Workshop registration fee - Rs.1500 ( The cost for the workshop includes the fee for the coffee in the dark experience session)

Nitte DU – Workshop registration fee – None

(The workshop includes a coffee in the dark experience session. Payment for the same will have to be made at a subsidized cost for Nitte DU students/faculty/Staff at Rs.600/- )

Pre-requisite: Participants should draw their self-portrait by looking into the mirror and writing their names with a few introductory lines about themselves.

To be submitted in A4 size paper, before attending the workshop

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