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Open to all with a participation fee of Rs.1100/-

Subsidized for Nitte DU students/faculty/Staff at Rs.600/- (limited seats available up to 200 seats on a first come first served basis)


Duration: 60 minutes

Description: Darkness makes a big difference to our perception. Whether we can see or not, changes our life and whole existence. Therefore the experience of total darkness has a disturbing quality for every human being capable of seeing: first, there is shocking complete helplessness. But then people start to adapt and cope with the confusing situation. They apply other senses for orientation and they start to appreciate those around them like never before.

A unique experience wherein visitors get to not only engage over a cup of coffee in complete darkness but also to make it themselves! Coffee in the dark is designed and curated in pitch darkness to enable participants to step out of their comfort zone and experience the potential of the other 4 senses like never before. Coffee in the dark also provides a great platform for participants to connect and bond beyond their preconceived notions and habituated responses, making teams experience a heightened sense of trust. Coffee in the Dark promises an unforgettable time, perfect when shared with friends & family.

No of participants in each session - 30 (Prior registration required- Preferred dates & time slots will be allotted based on availability)

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